Brave – The fastest web browser

The brave bowser is built on chromium(the same engine that powers Google Chrome).Being built on Chromium doesn’t mean Brave is putting your data back in Google’s pocket. But it goes beyond blocking outside data from getting in, and also blocks inside data from getting out. This means you can use Brave without worrying about background functions quietly whispering your browsing history to Google.

Brave - The Fastest Web Browser Pic

A long period of beta incubation has come to an end with the release of Brave 1.0, the privacy-focused speed demon of browser that’s been turning heads with its cavalier approach to ad-blocking and its promises of crypto currency pay-outs. The open source brainchild of JavaScript creator and Mozilla project co-founder Brendan Eich, Brave now touts more than 8 million users worldwide, while promising to automatically block trackers and invasive ads to improve speed, privacy and battery life. The core of Brave’s speed is its suite of security and privacy features. Websites loaded with flashing banners, pop-ups and advertising trackers can slow browsers to a crawl as device struggles to chew through a heap of extraneous data. While ad-blocking and anti-tracking plugins are available for Firefox and Chrome, Brave is built to run these features by default. The best part of Brave’s privacy suite is that it eliminates this game of broken website whack-a-mole, and makes it faster and less annoying to have a secure browsing experience. A single click on the Brave icon on address bar allows seeing a small menu with simplified toggles that underlie the extensive, customizable security panel in the browser’s settings pages.  

This all the features in the brave browser make the browser on of the fastest browser. It secures the data of the users, blocks annoying Pop-ups message, ads and gives user ads free browsing. This automatically makes the browsing fast as well as secured. This encourages the user to download brave and install brave.