Brave Browser

Brave Launched In January 2016.

Based on Chromium, it emphasizes security and privacy while not sacrificing features or performance. This Brave review will give you an idea if it accomplishes those goals.

The browser packs an impressive list of features, and its performance is top notch, with great speeds and low RAM consumption. We mentioned Brave in our anonymous browser guide, and for good reason. There are many handy security and privacy features, including a built-in adblocker, “shields” that block cookies and trackers and fingerprinting, and even a Tor mode.

Brave is available on desktop for Windows 7 and later and macOS X 10.10 and later, as well as the Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE and Fedora distributions of Linux. On mobile, the browser requires at least Android 4.1 or iOS 12.0. For testing, we used a laptop running Windows 10 and an iPhone with iOS 12.3.